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. . .  nonchalance.    Lovely colours in the water this morning, and lots of surfers in the water, too.    Surprisingly, the toy truck was still perched on the post outside the lifeguard tower. 

Morning newspaper headline  :   Against the Odds
A 45-year old construction worker spent six harrowing weeks battling COVID-19, in an intensive care unit the Queen's Medical Center.  He was admitted on March 26 and within days, he had viral pneumonia (lungs filled with fluid).  He was placed on a ventilator on three different occasions and became Hawaii's first COVID-19 patient put on a  cardiopulmonary bypass machine, known as ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), for patients whose lungs and heart are failing.   Yet he and his medical team battled back.   The survival rate for patients on ECMO machine is about 50%.  His name is Gaualofa (Lofa) Nua.

And  :  Oahu property tax payers can pay in installments
Real property tax bills due on August 20th, can now be paid in four installments (August, September, October, and November), with no penalties and no interest assessed, and no proof of a financial burden needed to get the deferral.

And  :  4,000 line up again for free food, Wednesday
Thousands of cars waited and wound their way through the Aloha Stadium parking lot to pick up 50 pounds of free food, including a pineapple, papayas, tomatoes, bread, potatoes, frozen chicken and juice.

And  :  Gov Ige, Lt Gov Green make case for partial opening of economy
Hawaii has experienced single digit new cases of COVID-19 per day for the last two weeks.  The current total for Hawaii is 626.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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