By USAHIhifriends

I've autographed the tree !

Think I've got the number right this time  . . .   and the leaf is still on the tree!    Wish I'd remembered to wash it first, it's looking a little worse for wear  . . .

Time for thank yous - to all of you who drop by and leave comments and stars and hearts (in any combination, your responses are always much appreciated); and to those who tickle my funny bone and sometimes make me laugh out loud; to those who do such lovely b/w and to those who do such exciting colour  - it's been a pleasure.  Thank you!

And to those taking care of the Blipfoto site - many thank yous!

And apologies are owed as well, as there is never enough time to wander  . . .  and keep up!   Sorry.

Morning newspaper headline :  BACK TO WORK, FOR SOME
Select businesses are allowed to reopen, but must still follow social distancing guidelines.

And  :  Hundreds of inmates freed from overcrowded facilities
More than 650 inmates at Hawaii's correctional centers have been released since March in the ongoing effort to reduce crowding in jails and prisons and to limit inmates' exposure to COVID-19. 
Hundreds of cases have yet to be reviewed.
There have been no positive COVID-19 cases in the state's correctional centers and facilities.

And  :  Gov. Ige to step back from suspension of law for meetings
State attorneys are working on language that would restore at least some portions of the Sunshine Law that requires government meetings to be public, a law that was suspended as part of an emergency proclamation issued by Gov. Ige in mid-March to lessen the spread of the coronavirus.

Thousands of Oahu residents lined up for free groceries Thursday - many enduring a 2-mile line of cars and a 4-hour wait - in one of the most dramatic examples of economic suffering brought on by the COVID-10 pandemic. 
The event, scheduled from noon to 4PM, was the result of a new assistance program for recently unemployed individuals due to the impacts of the pandemic. 
The program is a public-private partnership among the City and County of Honolulu, the Bank of Hawaii Foundation, and the Hawaii Community Foundation.   With their financial assistance, the Hawaii Foodbank expects to help feed an estimated 256,000 people over the next eight weeks.
The program handed out more than 50 pounds of food to approximately 4,000 households, including fresh, local produce and other products from local businesses.

May 1 is traditionally Lei Day in Hawaii, with a celebration of lei and aloha in Kapiolani Park, which had been cancelled due to the pandemic.  
And May 1 is traditionally the day that my s-i-l comes to the islands to spend a month.  This also has been cancelled due to the pandemic.
It's a hard start to this month.    However, one of the businesses allowed to reopen today is grave sites, so I went to visit with flowers.   That was nice in the misty rain.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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