Liquid gold

Went to a conference in Hammersmith this morning - with most of my time (six of us in all).  Had to get up stupidly early for it, but made it in good time.  It was a good conference, but a long day, and I didn't get home until 8pm - after a bit of a walk around the block to make up my hour of walking for the day (trying to be more consistent, on my physio's orders).  This recently rained-on gate post caught my eye as I walked past it on the way home - and my camera really picked up how golden it looked with the evening sun shining on it.

Cooked a curry when I got in (with a curry paste Tim had made), and didn't sit down to eat until nearly 9pm.  Tim and I both knackered!  (He's upped his cycling distance this week, and is now doing 21 miles a day, to and from work - with quite a few detours to make up the distance).

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