Mad rush to get to work today for our staff strategy day.  I thought I was doing well for time but somehow ended up leaving the house late - only to find my train had been cancelled anyway.  I hopped on a later one which crawled along agonisingly slowly and finally deposited me at London Bridge - then had a fast walk from there and arrived with a few minutes to spare.  Phew.

It was a good day, with a couple of interesting guest speakers, and a nice chance to get away from our desks and work with other colleagues for a change.  We finished up with drinks at the end - I had a glass of wine and a good chat with a few colleagues, then escaped to catch a slightly earlier train than usual.  Felt quite uninspired photography-wise, until later this evening when I decided to break our my macro lens and light and get some close-ups of one of my new cacti.

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