7 Years ago I didn't know these existed!

Firstly, thank you all who visit my journal, but especially warm thanks to those few devoted people who keep this site going technically, and to those who dream up interesting challenges to keep us on our photographic toes! It has been fantastic to get to know some of you personally too, and I feel that many of you are friends even though we have never met.

After 7 years of blipping I still try to find more perfect specimens of our unusual Alpine flora and fauna, or sometimes better light on a familiar view, encouraged by your lovely comments and appreciation of this fabulous area where we live.

Typically, today, it has rained almost all day and the light has been as dull as it can be but there is still colourful beauty to discover. These intricate Late Spider-Orchids (Ophrys fuciflora) are now coming into bloom in the fields around our house. I posted the Early Spider-Orchid a month ago. I think they are both commonly called Bee Orchids, which is very confusing. So Bee Orchids for you dear blippers, and I have finally managed to publish a flower on Flower Friday with extra flower angles.

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