My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Backblipped 3rd May

In amongst a chaotic day.

Poor Bill was sick about 8pm last night.

And then again at 10pm.

And midnight.

And then at 2am.

And in-between times obviously very unhappy.

Emergency vets about 4.30/5ish and back home about 5.30 for the start of a rather unsettled day.

He managed a few barks at fresh air and a little bit of rice and egg but only really perked up about 5.30pm when I picked up his lead.

We were both somewhat over optimistic about his strength though, and 10 minutes into a walk he put the brakes on and categorically refused to budge - in any direction!

And I had to carry him home!

He might be small but he's definitely not a light dog!

Thankfully, as I'm backblipping this, I can report that he's virtually back to normal today and an overnight stay will not be required this time!

And thankfully I had no shoots or other appointments so could be at home all day with him!

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