One of many

OK, we’ve all seen these ‘silly’ warnings. But they still make me smile. So I hope to bring a smile to your face too.

Sun just appeared. Undecided whether to go out or not. Mr B says he may take his first breath of fresh tomorrow, if the cough has gone, after his week indoors. Have rebooked dental lab for Wednesday, so hope to be up to it.

Mr B’s made a celery soup, off to sample it. Then really need to wash my hair.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend (for those of you who have one).

And thanks Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Update: Postman delivered a letter earlier, correct address, unknown name. Looked on Facebook and found one matching name. Checked her photos (no privacy set) and see one taken in Southampton suggesting she’s local. Go into profile and find her daughter’s in Adelaide (Australia). Send message to Adelaide (it was 21:00 there). Seconds later get response her mum lives in our block! a few minutes later mum’s husband knocks at our door, recognise him - a newish resident (her name has since changed as they married a couple of years ago). He then returned and introduced his wife and we’ve had coffee and a nice chat. Lovely couple (NB daughter is a vegan activist!). Small world and thanks Facebook. Oh and check your privacy settings!

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