By AH14

Almost Home!

If you've ever tried taking photos from inside a plane, you'll know how difficult it is - glare, condensation, ice crystals even, smears and smudges from countless heads and fingers....... Anyway, I liked the view as we were coming in to land and it will remind me of my 03.50 get up to catch my taxi to the airport for my flight home. There has been quite a bit of work on this to reduce the impact of all the encumbrances to producing a decent photo, so I hope you can see past all that condensation, etc - seriously, the original was much worse! :)

I was home by 09.10..... The rest of the day has passed in a bleary haze - cranking up the central heating (bright sunshine but very cold!), unpacking, washing, opening mail and sleeping for much of the afternoon. Now I need to go shopping, as my eldest son and his family  are coming for a main meal after church tomorrow!

Silly Saturday: I got up at silly o'clock to catch this flight!

Today's blip for my b&w journal. I've managed to avoid some of the glare, etc, in this one because the plane was at a different angle by then (and b&w is more forgiving!)

Thanks very much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip and for all the loveliness you are still giving to my butterfly blip!

Ann :))

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