What about Saturday?

Some routine stuff. Meal plan; shopping list; farm shop; ironing; gardening. 

I had one minor achievement - I printed the team shot of Junior's team after they had won the UK championship last month. It is so rare for me to print photos that it always seems to turn into a frustrating challenge.

This time it was easy. 

Junior actually turned up here - twice in 3 days now - seeking help with the practicalities of his summer working in Upstate New York. I was able to provide what he needed - his vaccination history.

He got everything under the sun (rabies, yellow fever etc) to go to Peru, but that was 9 years ago. Some boosters required. 

He will be somewhere north of Schenectady and south of Lake Placid. Closer to Montreal than New York City. 

The Blip is from the farm shop. Veggies grown on the farm are in the shop already. It is rare to see anyone actually doing some farming there, so the tractor got Blipped in spite of it not being Tuesday. 

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