Filming Outlander

Great excitement – they are filming Outlander just a quarter of a mile down the road.
I walked down this evening and had a word with the security guys. They are on duty 24 hours.
Of course they are sworn to secrecy.
This is ironic since the whole village already knows.
 It was in the local paper the area road would be closed for 24 hours on May 26th to allow filming for Outlander.
Also all the houses in the nearby vicinity had received letters.
The filiming  will take place after dark, a grave disappointment to the fans who will gather in the hope of getting autographs from the stars.
All the action will take place in Wolf Crag- an ex quarry, which provided stone for the oriignal houses in Bridge of Allan. Today the area is popular with local climbing clubs.
I must confess I have never watched this television series though it is immensely popular in America.

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