Glenturret reservoir- walk

We went up to Glen Turret reservoir, the source of water for much of central Scotland, this afternoon for a walk.
While there I experimented with my new camera and M blipped me (see extra).
It is difficult to say anything new about the Scottish landscape because it has been heavily photographed, and brilliantly so, by many photographers.
En route to the reservoir we stopped at Glen Turret distillery for something to eat and I took a photo of the bronze statue to Towser,  (21 April 1963- 20 March 1987) see extra.
This champion mouser is in the Guinness Book of Records having caught 28,889 mice during her twenty-four years. 
I am a bit suspicious of this record. Did someone count all the mice? 
 Still it’s a good story and we know, thanks to Trump, people prefer fiction to fact.

YouTube- Glenturret reservoir

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