By misswinterfinch

Cuckoo Flower (?)

One or two Blippers have said that is the name of this wildflower.  Although we do not have cuckoos I am going with the name too. These populate my lawn in spring until the grass simply must be cut. I try to wait until they shoot out seeds. That may not be a problem this year because the ground is immensely wet. No mower could ride on it without getting stuck in the mud.  I expect we will wait until June before it can be ridden upon.
Suits me, the violets can go to seed too.
When trying to take this photo my mobility scooter wheels got stuck in in the mud. Then I have to get off and try to get it to run on the grass without my weight. I eventually had to put down a bit of cardboard under a back tyre/tire to get it to move.
My neighbour observed the other day that I may need to get 4-wheel drive put on the scooter! She's the one who last year mowed my grass. I hope she does it this year too. Eventually.

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