By misswinterfinch

Suddenly Trees Appear under Sunny Skies

Overcast skies with rain off and on for the past week. Today started out the same depressing way. i did not even bother to go out.
Suddenly at 2:00 I looked out of the window and saw blazing sun coming in the house! And it seemed that all of a sudden all the riding mowers in the neighbourhood started their engines and were purring their way across the grass,. It is the moment for which all the John Deere owners have waited.
I went out to find a sunny blip and my back garden neighbour rode up on her big mower. We had a chat about my soggy lawn that is just not ready for machinery. She also wants to prune some low hanging branches. She has her chain saw ready. Then she will be ready to start mowing my grass. Our properties adjoin so it is a quick ride to mow mine and it makes hers look more spacious. And she loves mowing.
She did warn me today that she can do my mowing until her John Deere mower dies. It is 16 years old. She maintains it well. It is small enough to cut my lawn with all the twists and turns around trees and garden beds.
I have been warned. So, I guess I had better start praying for her mower's immortality.
A really gloriously sunny and warm afternoon. Everyone is smiling!
The white blooming tree in the photo is the Canadian (my brain just hit a bump) ... starts with an "S". I will fill this in later when the name comes to me.
Is it Shadblow? Thanks to Extra Time for the correct name: Amelanchier

Getting old and writing at night = poor verbal memory.

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