After hunting for half an hour I finally got a shot at my quarry.

Seriously this is one of four large quarries in the Arnside Silverdale AONB which have provided millions of tons of limestone aggregate over many decades.
One of them is still working and will continue for some years yet.
The other are no longer in operation.

Two of them have been converted into very successful nature reserves with orchids, Peregrines and Little Owls among other things.

This one is the fourth. It ceased operation in 2002.
It would be good to think that it might eventually also become a nature reserve. But there are safety problems and although a footpath passes the entrance, no-one is allowed in it at present. Indeed a large notice states there is danger of death.

So naturalists cannot monitor the plant and other life which is reclaiming it at present.

But at least it is in effect a large nature reserve even if we cannot enjoy it.

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