By HeidiHH


This is cactus flower from Jen's garden. It's huge and beautiful and there are plenty of buds waiting for their turn.

Today I had my friend here for coffee and skirt fitting. She gave me a while ago 2 bags of old curtains that have so amazing patterns for making clothes so I wanted to give her something for it. But skirts need to be fitted more than the dresses I make. She came with another bag of old sheets that I can color and one curtain.

So. She tried the skirt and I had as a sample. But it fitted well and she liked the pattern and the color so she left that on. That was this one:

And then I also gave her pants that I just finished when she was here. I have no picture of the exact pants I gave her, but I used the same pattern as this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxCPv8jHGmY/
Baggy comfortable pants. But in darker blue.

So. I hope she was happy with her gifts as I am with mine.

Also managed to see Jen and hopefully I worked out how the garden hose works. Ours in so different. Hopefully I can now take care of her flowers while she's enjoying Rome with her husband.

I have my blood test tomorrow morning and I need to remember not to drink or eat anything but water before that. Without coffee!!!! Is that possible?

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