Busy ants!

Nurse in Charge went off to church this morning.
Later on my son phoned so I could have some FaceTime with the grandchildren. 
I have missed them.
Always a manic call! 
The youngest one told me a story with lots of actions, mostly  diving into the settee. 
The middle one showed me a "machine" she had made using various cogs and elastic bands, which somehow rang a little bell at the edge of the box. .
The oldest gave me a running commentary as he held the phone himself, his dad having handed it to him, on rearranging his bedroom, with  the night light stuck on the end of his bed rail, which "glows in the dark," and sorting out clothes. 
There has been a loft conversion and mum and dad, with baby are now up there, so the other three are moving rooms this weekend. Sammy, 7, will have his own space now. 
The other two have moved into their parents' now vacated  big bedroom.
Eventually Bonnie, now 6 weeks old, will have the smallest bedroom.   
After lunch we had a visit from a friend and her little girl, soon to be two years old. Her hubby is away this weekend involved in a conference for the young people at the church, along with others from various Vineyard churches in the country. 
1200 altogether.  
We enjoyed seeing them both. The old toy boxes were soon empty of their contents and strewn over the floor. 
Late afternoon I took some of the flowers I had been given, which were past their best, to put into the compost bin behind the shed. 
As I took off the lid, there were lots of ants suddenly involved in a mad scramble to move a few eggs which for some reason were just under the rim. 
They are fascinating to watch. 
I took the photo.
It's now teatime 
I also managed to do my 15 minute walk today!    

Line of Duty ends tonight!! 

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