Light and shade

I was up early again at 6.00am. 
It was chilly but a beautiful beginning to the day.
I went into the garden to enjoy the stillness, and quiet.  
I have been mostly out there all day. 
The washing soon dried on the line later. 
Our hedgehog had been for his nightly mealworms, snuffling about at the back of the summerhouse and shed. captured on the Trail camera during the wee small hours. Although to be fair, he had first appeared at 10.40 pm  
     More clearing and weeding before lunch, and then I mowed the lawn later. 
My usual "tea and biscuit" WhatsApp video chat with two of my friends  at 4.00 pm for 50 minutes! We all remarked how soon the time passes as we have our catchup. 
  This was followed by tea in the  summerhouse.
Now we are getting ready for a Skype call with our church small group at 8.00 pm.
There were 11 of us last week. 
It is in 20 minutes so I will have to leave this now and take the laptop downstairs from up here in the loft room. 
The view out over the trees and gardens is lovely this evening.
The rowan tree is laden with white blossom, and the lilacs are out in the gardens along the backs. 
The photo is the light on one of the hostas earlier this afternoon.
The extra is one of the starlings (shebbie) who has discovered that I leave raisins out for the blackbird when he comes to the back door each morning. They have worked it out and appear soon afterwards!   

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