By biddy

Morning visitor to the fat log feeder.

Always busy with the birds first thing in the morning. 
There were 6 starlings on our fence by the patio having a noisy chat, whilst one was in the bird bath. Lots of house sparrows on the seed feeders and our regular Great Spotted Woodpecker on the fat log in the apple tree. 
I love watching them at breakfast time.
I had to take the woodpecker one through the kitchen door window, so it was a zoom pot luck shot! I just kept clicking! 
For those of you concerned about the wasp nest, single wasp though it may be, I have successfully taken off the lid to the water-butt, using thick garden gloves, turned it to the underside, and moved it behind the shed where gently shook it from side to side, as it was open to the sunshine and cold wind. 
     I am happy to relate the consternated occupant flew off eventually admitting defeat. 
The lid will be replaced and the entry pipe hole blocked up.    
   On my way back down the garden, there was a group of about 12 starlings wheeling overhead very agitatedly and making a raucous din. 
I looked at them and watched as they were obviously alarmed. As I began to walk down the path once more a Sparrow Hawk wheeled over the right hand hedge doing an aerial acrobatic low fly past right in front of me, and on over the into the next garden! What a sight!
    He had something in his beak. So I assumed whatever nest he had raided had caused all the fuss and commotion.  
There are presently no birds in sight. 
Nature raw in tooth and claw.  

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