By biddy

My happy place!

Busy day so far! It was misty this morning. I had an early breakfast before my 9.30am Skype French Conversation for an hour and a half. Very enjoyable.
After lunch the sun came out again and it became warm in the sunshine.
This then meant I was itching to be out in the garden.
I have been happily clearing out one of the compost bins and spreading it around the flower beds. (Stephen took the photo so I hope it isn’t a cheat! )
The female blackbird was then having a feast on the worms in the soil I had been putting in various parts of the beds.
I now have some seeds to repot. It was a gift for my birthday in February. A small metal container with cornflower seeds and compost. They are now ready to transplant.
I think everyone on Blip who followed Mambo has been so sad to hear the news of Mr P after a long and courageous battle with illness.
Very much in my thoughts today.

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