Reikes small life...

By Reike

What a nice walk we had in the fresh snow!

I woke up to lots of snow!!! 

Djeili and I directly went for a walk during which we met some snowy sheep, see extra. 

Later Philipp, Djeili and I went by train to Davos for a 2.5 hours walk in the snowy forest. Sooo nice! 
I rewarded myself with lots of food at KaffeeKlatsch.  

What was a bit sad: As my waterproof X-T2 is still in repair (a few weeks now) I was hesitant to take my non-waterproof cam. I just got my new compact cam back from repair that was already f***ed when I bought it, so I thought it's a great choice to take it! Well, the SD card was still sitting at home... Hence another mobile phone pic as blip, sigh. 

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