You Never Know What You'll Turn Up

Tomorrow I'm off to the village of Letham in Angus to collect a quilt that I've been having quilted by a professional, as it's far too big to go through my sewing machine.

A century ago, my grandparents lived in Letham for a while - or rather my Grannie did, while Grandpa (above) worked as a miner in the goldfields of South Africa. This is him, and he's full-length in the extra - looking more like a cowboy in his Sunday best than a man who spent most of his time underground.

I was digging through the old documents and photographs to find the name of the house they lived in so I can look for them tomorrow.  

I also found the piece of paper in the other extra. I googled Buttelsdrift, hoping I might be sitting on a fortune.  The mine turns out to have been very close to where the Cullinan diamond was found, but alas the Buttelsdrift appears to have been a dud.

Thanks to Marlieske for keeping the Dereliction going - it's my favourite challenge, I love anything old and decrepit.

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