Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Have a seat in Utah

We left Montrose this morning on our way to Moab, Utah but of course we had to make a stop because of photo opportunities!     In Delta, Colorado were many old rusted autos and trucks.   I love rust and I love the details of old vehicles.  We spent a good hour just taking photos.   I am sure the security camera will be showing us!  

Then it was on the I-70 West at Grand Junction until we came to Hwy 128 and the little area known as Cisco.   Falling down homes and some weird things...people still live there but I don't think they really want to be around other people.  It was interesting.   My entry for derelict Sunday was from this "ghost town".     A couple of extras from this place.  

Hwy 128 follows the Colorado River to Moab but it is slow and winding road.  We stopped at a couple of overlooks to take some photos.  A few in the extras.

We will meet up with the group of photographers this evening and then tomorrow starts four days of sunrise, sunset, landscapes and star photography!    I am excited!!     

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