Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

An explosion

I got home from working today to find this gerbera daisy had exploded! All the little fluffy seed heads were on the table or clinging to the flower petals. I am going to plant them in the flower bed just to see what might happen.

One of the ladies at the office decided to fix the four of us working today hotdogs for lunch so we wouldn’t have to go out to find something. I had taken a peanut butter sandwich but it will do for tomorrow. My supervisor came in about an hour before I was going to leave so we went over some new things. I have gotten everything back on track and caught up. Just a few more things to do this week so I think I will go back Thursday for a few hours. I hope that I can get more to do as I am not sure there will be enough work for two days a week!

I had a new idea for another wreath that does not involve pine cones. I hope I can make it work!

Thanks to wrperry for hosting tiny Tuesday!

Be well,Blippers!

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