Monsaraz Rooftops and Castle

In the morning, after a delicious breakfast of croissants and coffee we walked around the castle and took part in a Catholic Service in the big church. An extra is taken from the church steps. Then on to the Adega Velha  (extra) for small glasses of wine, and some delightful cheese. (HarlingDarling's blip shows the beautiful smooth-worn floor in the Adega.) Home to a restful afternoon and then we went to Gunilla's birthday party in Monsaraz.
This blip is the view from their rooftop terrace. In the background lies the Alqueva Reservoir, and beyond that Spain.  Their charming house winds its way up from the parked car and the highest feature is the garden, which is a little unusual. If you look at amandoAlentejo's blip, looking back to the house, you can see the garden with people standing there.
Gunilla and Bengt were very good hosts, the other guests were a real mix of different nationalities and backgrounds and it all worked very well. Near the end Gunilla could listen to "Happy Birthday" in English, "Må Hon Leva" in Swedish, "Joyeux Anniversaire" in French, and the equivalent in Turkish!
Another lovely day with lots to be grateful for!

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