Keith B

By keibr

Wood Anemones (Vitsippor)

Anemone nemorosa - According to Wikipedia, "is an early-spring flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae, native to Europe. Other common names include windflower, thimbleweed, and smell fox, an allusion to the musky smell of the leaves."
We saw these flowers on our walk, which took us on forest paths that are unavailable in winter due to snow, so this was the first time we went that way since last autumn. The extra shows a small patch of the same flowers. They always grow in groups, and further south sometimes completely cover the floor of the forest.
It was  a delightful walk because the sun shone into the forest but the wind mostly stayed out! At the end of the day I was feeling really tired so perhaps the walk was longer than we thought, or perhaps I'm getting weaker due to HarlingDarling's fasting! That sounds strange but every time she fasts I lose weight too. It's not so much fun eating while she doesn't, so I eat a lot less than usual, but I'll make an exception for the newly baked sourdough bread, both figgy and normal, that I baked late in the evening.
Apart from the baking HarlingDarling and I had very similar days and she wrote a brilliant description of her day, so I'll link to that, instead of repeating it.

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