There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Dexter the Organizer

This rainy day found me doing some organizing tasks around the house. With the temperatures much warmer lately, I decided it was time to put away some of my winter gear. So into the middle bedroom I went, where all of that stuff is stored in neatly labeled Rubbermaid containers.

I put away long-sleeved shirts and wool sweaters and polar fleece outfits and heavy winter pants. And started to get out some of the lighter-weight gear, though there is much more of that to do sometime later.

And through it all, I had a VERY good helper. Dexter - aka the Helperton - came into the middle room and helped keep me on task. He is very good at organizing people and things! (And look at those whiskers and ear tufts!)

Here's a song for you, dear Dexter: the Doors, with Hello, I Love You.

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