By tondrijfhamer


Bas had a checkup on his hand today at the Martini Hospital in Groningen.
The surgeon was satisfied with the results so far on his index finger. He had hoped for more with his middle finger. That's still a problem. Bas can't bend the tip of that finger. There is some doubt what causes this. Are the tendons stuck and 'glued' to the internal scar tissue or are the stitches of the tendons broken?

The doctor wants to know exactly, so soon we'll have to go back for new x-rays and and echo. After that, the results will be discussed with a team of doctors, hand therapists and us.

We're not there yet... we/Bas still has a long way to go before his hand will function normal again. But considering that this finger was cut off for 99% we've come a long long way already and we're very thankful for that.

On our way out we suddenly passed several Christmas trees. It turned out that new decorations for the upcoming Xmas season (still 8 months away!!) were being tested. Very important stuff I guess...

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