Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Cemetery Entrance

For a bank holiday it proved a quiet day.  I didn't go to pilates because of pain in my right leg, deciding to rest it rather than go through another stretching session.  That was a pity as I could have told the regulars that I'd seen a TV report suggesting it's 100th anniversary of the development of pilates, by a German internee  held on the Isle of Man called Joseph Pilates.  He called his exercise programme, 'contrology'.

I did stretch my legs later in the day, walking around the estate and going down to the local cemetery, which was opened back in 1996 at the bottom of the estate.  I thought the trees were looking mature!  

I'm not sure this quite qualifies for the mono monday challenge, but you can just see a rooftop!

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