Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Lockdown Day 44 - The Timberland Trail

The morning was taken up with staying in as our cousin's husband came over to repair our roof, which was allowing water to come in through the ceiling during heavy rain.  Yes, have to acknowledge we haven't had much of that recently, but it was the first opportunity he'd had to come over.  Social distancing was maintained at all times and it was also a pleasure to chat to someone different in person, rather than via video or telephone call.

After lunch I took myself off for a walk along the Timberland Trail.  Sounds very grand, but really it's just a new name for a number of linked footpaths in the area.  Of note was seeing not one, nor two, but three foxes in open fields during the walk. I'd always thought that foxes were more likely to be seen at the beginning and end of the day.  

I thought I was lucky to see the one, walking through a field of sheep and lambs.  I had to smile because the lambs were mightily curious at this red animal in their field.  They were quite fearless approaching the fox, who was very wary of them.  I had worried on first seeing him in the field, thinking he might attack one of the small lambs, but I needn't have been worried.  The other two were searching in another field, sniffing and scratching around in the grass.  Of course, as soon as they saw me they headed off at a great rate of knots.  

I also checked out the two pens on their nests but neither has seen any hatchlings as yet.  

Day Miles: 8.1 miles Total miles: 576.0  miles

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