By amandoAlentejo

Under the Bridges

Very relaxed morning, sitting round the table chatting from a late breakfast until we decided it was probably time for lunch, when we rooted around till we had enough, ending with drunken figs, and then thought maybe we should get out for a walk. 

Drove first to the Granja bridge, and then cross country on a dirt road winding between vines and olives that we'd never been on to the Luz bridge, which is the one with a ladder and an opening that you can climb up into and look round inside, we couldn't remember which was which. Extra of Keith climbing into the bridge.

Loved the two different sceneries either side of the bridge, the one on the left iconic Alentejano scenery, though way too dry for this time of year, when it should be raining, look at the levels on the pillars.

- time to relax, it's been hectic
- sitting in the afternoon light, blipping together
- that dinner just needs to be heated, and the prospect of sitting round the table talking some more

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