One Step at a Time Just You And I

This morning him and I got up  - not early because we had a bit of a hangover, and I wanted to finish Rebus. 
I had french toast for breakkie I just fancied it. 

I think Tooli is on her way home. I am very, very excited. 

Himself won't tell me. 

I painted the whole fence of the new Allotment today.   My back was breaking but bloody hell it looked so much better for it.

Himself - finished the fence - yeah, he makes the fence, I paint them .:-)  Good team work. 

At home we filled a planter and repotted the Sweet peas.  Then I fell asleep on the deck chair. 

Then I came inside and showered and made bunting (more) and then I fell asleep on the chair.  

Falling asleep figures quite a lot on my day . 

I do love sleeping. 

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