By dogwithnobrain

Imagine all the people

All singing You’ll Never Walk Alone...

Did you see it? You can’t help but have been moved?

The underdogs - 3-0 down; they were never gonna do it;

but I came in from taking this shot - and my husband was gibbering on the sofa - Boy was gibbering In the States.

I wanted to turn the TV over - or sit in the Bathroom. I can’t take the pressure!

I mean they were up against Messi and Suarez ....

But do it they did - bloody hell. 4-0 4-3 on aggregate.

The sheer joy on Klopp’s face; the fans singing in unison; the team united - old players and new - Stevie Gerrard, Kenny Dalglish; the flags and the cheers.

When the beautiful game is like this you can’t help but love It

I just hope it stays beautiful

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