By hpx

Woo hoo!

Today I won a 3 month gym membership and other assorted goodies.

I like outdoors but have come to appreciate the physical and social benefits I get from community based classes. I entered a competition from a local sports shop and a friend and I won.

I think it will be useful over the dark winter months. I note some interesting spelling on the voucher.

Something took a lot longer at work today. On the up side I'm ready to video very early tomorrow morning.

I watched a guy delivering stuff to the business across the road, back a forklift into a parked car today. He knew that my friend and I saw him yet he thought he'd just drive away in his truck.

Yep, I got the rego.

Happily I survived boxing class this evening. It was touch and go there for a bit. ;-)

Today's gratitude: For returning home to see my new lawn has had it's first mow. It looks great.

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