By Kipsie

Here squidy squidy ...

This is my collection of washed up squid lures from my time beachcombing in Thailand. You can just see some of the luminescent colours & patterns on their sides used to lure the squid. Squid feed at night so many fishermen would go out in their boats with rows of bulbs attached to lengths of bamboo fixed to the mast, let down to rest above the water once they stopped, the combination of the light just above the water and the reflections off the lures, normally got good results . They have nasty sharp barbs so could do some damage if stepped on. Great for catching squid though.

Busy day yet again ... gardening this morning, got 3 hours in before the rain started. Packed up & headed home. Tempted to go up the allotment but prepared dinner instead as I was out this afternoon. An interesting talk given by Sue Martin who farms on Dartmoor with her husband. She is passionate about keeping the Dartmoor breed strong and running on the moor. Interestingly, I went on a pony trekking hoilday when I was about 12, , staying in B&B accommodation at Bellever, trekking out from Sherberton Pony Stud, her parents business, everyday. Sue's parents exported Dartmoor ponies to Holland, South Africa, Malta and many other European countries back in the day, as well as showing all over the country. She was hilarious, covering not just pony related tales from her childhood to the present time, but also wearing her other hat as a midwifery nurse.A very scrummy cream tea followed. Plenty of clotted cream, jam was not so good but it went down very well with a cuppa & catch up with the others who volunteer at the DPHT
I can smell dinner cooking .. baked ham with plenty of veggies tonight.

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