Charlecote Parterre (widwed080519)

The morning did not look good at all for any photography involving light or lightness, so we went to Compton Verney where there are two current exhibitions on the theme of Childhood, one historical, Holbein to Freud and one current, Childhood Now. The historical is as one might expect, although the drawings by Queen Victoria and Albert of their children are much more informal than I would have guessed. The Childhood Now set are more challenging, but we both really liked the ones by Mark Fairnington which are near to photo realistic.  You can see most of them here on his web site, but they are much better seen close up.

Just as we were leaving I had a call to say a guard for our strimmer had arrived so we drove to Stratford to collect it, and then back to Charlecote Park for lunch where the sky had lightened enough for the opportunity to get a few images for Wide Wednesday - choosing this one - a four image panorama of the parterre.  The darker brown brick part is the Victorian Library extension,  the main Tudor part of the house is the redish towers and gold bauble* bit behind.

After that we called in at a local garden centre for Gill to get some vegetable strips and then over the Farnbourough to look at trees in the nursery there.   All in all, a good 'errands day' given the dreary start.

Thanks to Bobs Blips for hosting Wide Wednesday.

Edit: I decided it needed more sky above the weather vane so I have done an updated version - original in the extra.

* not an architectural term :-)

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