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By steveng

Bunting for VE Day

Apologies if you have stared my  asparagus image  - that should have gone to my film journal which is where it now is :-) 
(link at the end of this text)

This is the bunting in the trees outside our house put up for VE day.
A bit odd with social distancing - our neighbour Carol had fixed one end to her garage, left it in a pile on our lawn and retreated to a safe distance so Gill could thread it into the trees.   Later on one of our other neighbours put more bunting and flags up between the trees and two other houses.   At 4 this afternoon we set out tables in our gardens and enjoyed tea, cake, beer, wine, and more cake ..... with a recording of the church bells played through our windows. 
We are fortunate that we can sit in sight of each other well spaced out.  A pano of the bunting, Graham's deck chair and Carol's tea set in the extras. 

Graham's deck chair had some stitching expire depositing him onto the tarmac,  thankfully without injury but he did end up wearing most of a glass of wine :-)

If the restrictions are lifted we might well repeat the exercise for VJ day in August and perhaps have a more normal street party.

I had a set of film images back today and have started putting them into my film journal - including this rather nice 1980s Golf GTi :-)

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