By ArcLight

Evening stroll

Unfortunately I didn't sleep well last night. Probably mostly my own fault. I had a coffee at 4pm. Always a mistake. However, I was worried that otherwise I might flag during Mary Beard's lecture, and that would have been a mistake too. It was excerbated, of course, by knowing I had to get up a little earlier than normal this morning.

So I wasn't at my best for the journey, and I certainly wasn't at my best when I realised that we were being seriously ripped off by our taxi driver who took us on a route to the southern parts of Helsinki via Espoo. Mr A commented that he wasn't recognising where we were, so I looked at maps on my phone and got a shock. I gave him an earful, and he switched off the meter. I suspect he thought he could rip us off as tourists. He suggested there were big traffic jams in the centre of Helsinki. We laughed and pointed out that we lived here for a year.... It can get a little busy, but traffic jams... I don't think so.

Our AirBnb is fine - not wonderful, but more than adequate, which is lucky as I left it a bit late to book. It's in Eira, a stone's throw from the sea, so we had a pleasant after dinner stroll (sunset is 2130) and then a beer, by the sea.

I'm tired, but I have to do a bit more work. I have a couple of papers to read on which I am commenting tomorrow.

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