By ArcLight

Gloriously sunny, and a flag day (see extra). That's for Europe Day. I didn't see any European flags (didn't look in the right places), but Europe Day is an official Finnish flag day. Fancy being in a country that understands European identity not as a zero sum game, where identifying your country as European doesn't make it any less national, or make you any less proud of your own country. Fancy that.

Other extras are a fire station with flags, and the Lutheran Cathedral from the other side of Senatori (the first of three visits to Restaurant Sunn for me). I spent the day at a conference in the Law Faculty, so didn't see too much of the glorious sun (although it was chilly). But we did pop across Senaatintori for lunch, and then I walked (rather late...) to Kuurna for dinner, which is where I got my blip. [It's great to see the severe Engel architecture with no cars parked in front - that's what you get for evening wandering]. Back here on a bus around Eiranranta, which was also sunny. That will have been about 16 hours of sunshine today. More to come in the next few days.

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