Recording a moment

By chrisf

You’ll Never Walk Alone

I am waiting for someone at the end of the day. They should be turning the corner at the end of this corridor soon.

There’s been a bit of football banter today, as there is every day. This is a football mad corner of the world.

After the astonishing defeat of Barcelona last night, taking them into the Champions League final in Madrid, Liverpool fans are in seventh heaven. Manchester City fans are also over the moon, but nervous - winning the Premiership depends on their match against Brighton this weekend. Manchester Utd fans have been down, then up, but now down in the dumps again. And poor Bolton fans, their team is heading into administration, set to be deducted points and heading down a league. Meanwhile Salford City, nowhere for ever, are in the play offs at Wembley and could enter the football league.

Other teams are available.

I somehow missed the football gene and don’t have the passionate tribal allegiance to a single team. So I am not a true fan. But you cannot live and work in the north west of England and, through a process of osmosis, not take an interest. Even if you want to see them all do well, anathema to a true fan.

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