By sebrose

Uncomfortable messages

Another early morning call. Not enough sleep. Disquieting interactions at work.

A quick drink in the Barrel House before heading to The Cambridge. Jem is already there. Garrett and Malc roll in - they now work in the same building in Leith, for different companies. Nas is waiting at 6 By Nico.

This month’s theme is The Orient Express. Each dish is, apparently, associated with a different city on the route - starting in Paris, ending in Istanbul. Six small plates of joy. Malc and I go veggie, without regret, many of the dishes similar to the carnivores.

Malc is driving back to Fife. He drops me and Nas on Henderson Row and I walk down to Rachel and Gilbert’s. There’s a nice bottle of Navarra in my bag, which is welcomed, opened and consumed, while I sip the bottle of Bombadier that I opened messily in the back of Malc’s motor.

The mattress is on the floor, beckoning.

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