Queen Victoria Building

Look up, look down, look sideways: every bit of Sydney's QVB is old and beautiful, from its central clock tower to this fabulous window. This morning we dedicated to shopping - not something we've done much of since we arrived in Oz, but there are some super craft shops here. We topped off our shopping with lunch in this lovely building, glad that it survived for the public to enjoy. To paraphrase one shopkeeper, it came within a gnat's willy of being turned into a car park. What a waste of architecture that would have been!

This afternoon we planned as rest-time, possibly with the idea of returning to the Centennial Park by daylight to see the flying foxes hanging upside down in the treetops. However, slumping on the bed in our hotel room, the next thing we knew it was already dusk. Oh well! We obviously needed to catch up on some zeds.

For the past three hours thumping base notes and girls' screams and giggles have been coming through the wall from the room next door. It's university graduation season, so maybe that's why the youngsters are partying? Don't want to be a killjoy, but hope it doesn't continue too late into the night.

Oh, my Extra shows another glimpse of the inside of the Queen Victoria Building. Not the most brilliant shot, but it does offer evidence to any sceptics that Aussies walk upside down!

Thank you for all the kind comments, stars and hearts for my yesterblipped tiger.

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