By PicturePoems

A double-decker train-ride

Today we took a train into the suburbs to the north of Sydney to visit another friend and his wife and family. This was my first experience of a double-decker train and - wait for it - seats that can be configured to face to the front or the rear as the seat backs swivel. How about that! The track took us across the harbour bridge that we'd walked over earlier in the week, running in between the vehicular highways, all of which are sandwiched between the pedestrian pavements. Forgive me if you already know this, but it's all new and awesome to me! (The opera house isn't quite as close to the bridge as it looks here.)

There we are then ... (join in when you feel you know what's coming) ... another lovely day!

Thanks for looking in and for all your lovely, star-spangled comments. Am trying to catch up with journals in between gadding about, eating drinking and sleeping!

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