This Ole House

This old house is gettin' shaky
This old house is gettin' old
This old house lets in the rain
This old house lets the cold

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of investigating an old house. A friend wondered if I had been to this one and I hadn't and was desperate to go. We went this afternoon and what a beauty. Approached along a grassy boreen, tucked away amongst the trees and on a little hillock this beautiful old house has been empty since 1969. It's in remarkably good condition and I just loved the yellow and red colour scheme. The vibes were good and we peered inside but couldn't get in - a wooden ceiling painted pink was collapsing a little and a calendar was still nailed to the wall. In the old kitchen we could still see a jacket draped on the comfy chair near the huge fireplace. We both fell in love with the whole place on the spot!
I had a quick look on the historic maps, and there it is in the 1840s. 

This Ole House -and a bit of shakin'!

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