By Angelique


Well when I look back on the two innocent young people who got married that day I am so glad we didn't know the journey we would be on.

We have moved from Hampshire where we were both born, in the same hospital (but not at the same time!), Somerset, Cornwall and now back in Somerset.

After four sons with all their special needs it has been hard to find time for ourselves.  Now they have grown up and two of them left us we now concentrate on our Matthew and Adrian.  After all they need us when the other two clearly don't.

So yesterday was OUR day and we received this beautiful bouquet from our very lovely friends in Oxfordshire who we met two years ago on a cruise.  So thoughtful of them to remember us.

We spent the day in Dunster with our lovely friend of 55  years and then back to Stogumber our last home to meet with other friends.

So no cooking, yipee.  And we drank some fizz provided by Adrian's carers and ate fish and chips.

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy, healthy weekend.  with love xxxx

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