By DonnaWanna

Saturday Clouds

We’ve had a wonderful day together and amazingly everything went according to plan. Even the clouds were amazing!! :o)

We were given a brand new Fitbit and we set it all up and it yay it worked well (thank goodness), J was very happy! ;o). We then went and had a lovely lunch together and perused each other’s photos, much fun!

We shopped for a plant and some chocolates for me, and with my help J managed to buy exactly what I wanted ;o) a hanging basket of geraniums and Lindt special Mother’s Day chocolates, so I was very happy too.

Then we headed out to G’s for Black Forest Cake and cups of tea and more fun :o). A wonderful day with my sons as we reminisced and laughed and generally had a good time together, love my boys.

I’m very tired now and its only 9.30pm so its off to bed for an early night and a rest day tomorrow. Nighty night blippers, I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow! :o)xxx

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