By dogwithnobrain

Can Anybody Hear Me?

I went to the beach tonight... we had passed earlier and the light was amazing. 

was slightly different when i got back - all greys and blues and stillness, and not another soul in sight. 

How can I stand there, in a town with a population of around 15K, on a beach with 2 miles to the next town from the harbour, houses built all along the sea front and I am the only, solitary person there? 

I walked about a mile one way and then back again. Against the tide line and up on the sand.  One person arrived with their dog, and walked the dog on the grass verge running beside the sand - didnt come on the sand and left before I even made it level with them. 

If I lived right on the shore front, I would at least be sitting at my window, or on my posh balcony every night, in every weather. 

I can't deal with all that beauty and no one appreciating it. 

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