By dogwithnobrain

Nuts, whole Hazelnunts...

Cashews actually. 

I've lifted an unused photo from before, because I was flat on my back all day. 

Just after I came in from my walk last night, I got exceptionally dizzy.   It persisted and I had to go to bed, and lay in a way which allowed me to comprehend where I was on the bed. 

I woke in the morning, and struggled to shower and climb out of the shower, and realised driving, reading a computer or mmy phone would be impossible. 

I called in sick and headed back to bed.  I slept til 3.30 pm; and when I woke the dizziness was gone but I felt as though I had been kicked in the head. 

I lay on the couch til himself came home and felt a whole lot better then. 

 The picture is of a sweet treat my boss brought back from India.   The ingredients - Cashews and Silver paper.  You are looking at the silver paper which apparently stays on the sweet, and the cashew is mushed to a paste underneath it. 

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