By jd918

Finish Strong

This is the week of final exams for my two daughters. Graduation from 8th grade and High School is just weeks away. They both are doing very well this year and in this last semester of school, their grades are solid. Yet, they are studying like mad and both are determined to finish strong.
This is a virtue that will serve them both well in the future. They have great determination, a desire to do their best and the grit it takes to persevere. Sometimes I feel that this is missing in a large portion of society as everything must be "instant" and we all need to be "winners" - but I am thankful that they both have an inner drive - at a "healthy" level.
It is moments like this that fuel me to support and encourage them both, to be a solid guide and present in their lives and push myself to keep up and cheer them on. This is the end of a great chapter in their life book - I am excited to turn the page and continue to watch the story unfold.

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