Northern Star

By Lifferz


Stroud is enjoying an art festival right now

This is a very small part of a huge painting which is mainly black and uses asphalt- quite striking.

I bought a piece of art last weekend. We met the artist today (after a 3 mile walk and sweating like billio) and paid the remaining balance. I’m hopeful it will fit in my car but have to wait for a date to pick it up or get it delivered.

The artist of the piece I’ve got (not my blipping for today which is unrelated to her but part of the art festival) is Cheryl Perrett and her work is, in my opinion, very good. The picture I’ve bought it only similar to one other piece from the collection, of hers, I’ve seen. It’s a blue wash portrait of a woman but it’s so detailed I think there is loads to see in it.

A decent day, walked over 6 miles in dry weather but woke with a bad sinus headache so it was a late start as I’d had a similar headache all day yesterday. So glad my bad headache has gone, it was the kind of thing that stops you from reading and confines you to bed but not as bad as a proper migraine that makes you throw up and sometimes pass out. I’m very grateful I’ve not had one of those for many months . Anti migraine medication is heavy stuff (triptan) and although it works like a miracle for me I’d rather not have to take it again

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