By dfb24


We've been in three states today. This morning we drove from Vernal, Utah through Craig, Colorado to Savory, Wyoming to go to the "Little Snake River Museum", spending a pleasant hour wandering around looking at old buildings from the 1880's, old farm equipment and some old vehicles. It wasn't open, so we couldn't get inside the houses, but we could peek in the windows to see the insides. After that we drove back to Craig, Co., stopping at the city park to see all the woodcarvings, which were really excellent, then on to the Wyman Museum, where we wandered for another hour and a half or so. It was filled with everything from old locks to old machinery, an old steam engine, a horse drawn hearse, old tools, etc., etc, etc.  We loved it! That's where we met "Junior", an elk who lives at the museum and is, we're told, spoiled rotten. You can see his fuzzy velvet antlers and he's begun his Spring shedding. By July his winter coat will be completely replaced by his summer coat. I also really liked the old orange caboose that was out in a field, so I've put that pic in the extras. When we were done looking around we headed to Steamboat Springs, where we met up with Mary's friend Sandy for dinner, & we'll spend the night (& possibly tomorrow night). Going hiking to a waterfall tomorrow! :))  (And I've entered my orange caboose in the DS challenge. Thanks to Marlieske for hosting!)

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